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In my March 21, 2019 newsletter, I cited four strategy tips from Harvard Program on Negotiation in dealing with value-based disputes, where a party’s deeply held beliefs can thwart beneficial reciprocal concessions:

  • Consider interests and values separately and separating the person from the problem.
  • Engage in relationship-building dialogue to facilitate cross- understanding of opposing side’s interests and values.
  • Appeal to common or shared overarching values.
  • Confront value differences directly, and view such differences as opportunities for value creation.

(Paraphrased from: Four Conflict Negotiation Strategies for Resolving Value-Based Disputes; Four conflict negotiation strategies for bridging the divide at the negotiation table.Harvard Program on Negotiation, March 21, 2019)

The above tips are critical tools (which should be) in every professional mediator’s toolbox.   As an advocate, what’s in YOUR toolbox, for effective negotiating in value-based disputes?