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As a highly trained and impartial facilitator or "neutral", N. Janine Dickey lends her expertise to all methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution including: 


Mediation offers a cost-efficient and flexible conflict resolution process where disputants, with or without counsel, are direct participants.  Utilizing joint sessions and confidential caucusing, N. Janine Dickey works with the parties to arrive at a resolution which is acceptable to all.  Significant benefits over litigation and arbitration include party control and input over scheduling, process, and settlement terms;  significant cost savings; and ultimately greater client satisfaction

Unique elements of mediation:

  • Every dispute is unique.  Ms Dickey customizes each mediation to optimize results and accommodate parties' needs. 
  • Ms Dickey works with counsel and disputants early on to identify  primary facts and legal issues in dispute, in order to schedule an appropriate  and cost efficient informational  exchange. 
  • Ms Dickey is trained to determine underlying interests, find areas of agreement, and assist the parties to deal with anger and other emotional components, which present barriers to resolution.  
  • Each party  can directly and confidentially communicate with Ms Dickey without fear of revealing potentially harmful facts, opinions, or strategies and without waiving any legal rights.  
  • Ms Dickey facilitates accurate assessments of potential risks and costs. 
  • Ms Dickey assists parties to fashion creative solutions unavailable in a litigation or arbitration setting.
  • If impasse is reached, Ms Dickey is skilled at suggesting a Mediator Proposal which typically results in a final resolution.

The resulting “buy-in” for a mediated settlement promotes:

  • Decreased psychological and emotional costs to litigants;
  • Party adherence to agreed upon settlement terms;
  • Preservation of ongoing party relations;
  • Ultimate party satisfaction.

Mediation can take place at any stage of a dispute, with or without legal representation.  If mediation does not result in full resolution, the parties maintain all legal rights to pursue trial court or administrative alternatives.


Binding Mediation is a hybrid of the mediation and arbitration approach.  The parties first participate in the mediation process.  If the mediation fails to resolve all issues, the parties can agree that the mediator should “switch hats,” arbitrate the matter and render a binding decision.   Because confidential information has typically been shared with the Mediator, proceeding to the arbitration stage necessitates an informed voluntary agreement by all the parties. 


The arbitration process resembles a  litigation-  with a more informal and flexible process.    As an Arbitrator, Ms Dickey facilitated a discovery exchange; schedules a hearing for the parties  (typically through counsel) to present evidence; decides disputed issues of fact, makes a determination on applicable law; and renders an award as would a Judge or jury.   The arbitrated award is subject to enforcement, modification, or vacatur (in rare circumstances) in accordance with applicable law.   Ms Dickey's skill and expertise in moving the discovery and hearing process forward, can greatly benefit the parties by controlling costs and significantly saving resources by reducing time to resolution. 


Arb-Med is still another non-traditional conflict resolution process.  After an arbitration, Ms Dickey withholds disclosure of  the award to the parties, and gives them the opportunity to participate in a mediation process in which a voluntary resolution agreeable to all parties can be reached.


N. Janine Dickey coaches executives and business owners in negotiation and conflict resolution techniques.


An Ombudsman (or Ombuds) is an in-house, yet independent professional neutral who provides impartial and confidential consulting and conflict resolution services to an organization or community.  Ombuds frequently have a vital presence  on University and College campuses, in corporate and non-profit settings, and within religious organizations. An Ombuds does not serve as an investigator, nor an advocate for a particular interest.  Rather an Ombuds is a confidential resource to encourage free discussion, to facilitate a clear understanding of policies, processes, and to suggest available resources and options.  Ombuds can serve as a mediator when agreed to by the disputing parties.

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