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I offer remote video mediations on a platform which permits joint meeting rooms, confidential break out rooms,  electronic document screen sharing, and recording of settlement agreements.

The platform is well suited for multi-party and complex cases.

Remote video participation assures safety and convenience for party representatives, insurance representatives and attorneys.


Mediation, remote or in-person, is a cost-efficient and flexible conflict resolution process. Party representatives and insurance professionals directly participate in joint and/or confidential breakout rooms.  

I utilize both facilitative and evaluative techniques as appropriate for the legal nature of the matter.  I customize my techniques based on the personalities, relationships and negotiation styles of both parties and attorneys. My unique use of a Mediator’s Proposal is extremely effective for breaking impasse. 


  • Significant cost savings over litigation and arbitration by avoiding trial and facilitating appropriate discovery exchange;
  • Greater attorney and party input and control over process and scheduling;
  • Options for creative  settlement terms, not available at trial;  
  • Decreased psychological and emotional costs to litigants;
  • Inherent party “buy-in” to mediated settlement results in enhanced client satisfaction
  • Mediation can take place at any stage of a dispute. 
  • Participation does not waive any legal rights or remedies. 


Binding Mediation is a hybrid of mediation and arbitration approach.  The parties first participate in the mediation process.  If the mediation fails to resolve all issues, the parties can agree that the mediator should “switch hats,” arbitrate the matter and render a binding decision.   Because confidential information has typically been shared with the Mediator, proceeding to the arbitration stage necessitates an informed voluntary agreement by all parties. 


The arbitration process resembles litigation, but typically with a drastically reduced time to resolution.   I facilitate discovery exchange; schedule a hearing for the presenting of evidence; decide disputed issues of fact, make determinations on applicable law; and render an award.  An arbitrated award is subject to enforcement, modification, or vacatur (in rare circumstances) in accordance with applicable law. 


If parties agree on an ARB-MED, I with-hold disclosure of  the  arbitration award, and give the parties the opportunity to participate in mediation with the goal of reaching a voluntary resolution. 


I coach business owners, human resource directors, executives and individuals in negotiation and conflict resolution techniques.

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